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FenixTM Process Technologies
The Company

Fenix™ Process Technologies is a company founded by Technocrats having decades of industrial experience in the field of Process Design, Equipment Design, Process equipment Manufacturing, System Integration, Plant Design, Plant Modifications, Automation, Project Management and Process Consultancy.

Our Mission

"ENHANCING PERFORMANCE of the processes through OPTIMISED Engineering, CUSTOMISED Process Designs and RELIABLE Technology"

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide the best Engineering Services, Reliable Equipments and Complete process lines to our customers in the field of Edible oil refining(Chemical & Physical), Oil Pre Treatment for Bio Diesel, Bio Diesel Production , Methanol Recovery, Glycerine Purification, Fat Modification, Bio Ethanol, Ethanol De-Hydration and Distillation plants.


The project activities are complemented by the company's manufacturing unit producing variety of structured packings and other internals, distillation columns, metallic random packings and trays, heat exchangers, mixers, reactors etc.


We are also supported by Professional Consultants & Research Scientists in the field of Process Development, Equipment Design, Plant Engineering through 3D Modelling, Plant automation, Instrumentation and Program Logic design and System Integration.


Having worked closely with industry segments, we understand the needs of a diverse range of esteemed clients. We use our engineering expertise to offer complete equipment and to supply fully integrated systems for the above industries. We intend to continually use our national and international network to offer most technically advanced products for the process systems and help our customers in the technical evaluation, tendering and procurement services


By focusing on core processes we can assure our customers that we will provide appropriate, well designed, reliable, and state of the art technology that is of excellent value for their money.


In all of our commercial and engineering activities we seek to maintain open and trustworthy dealings. By maintaining these standards, both internally and externally, we will continue to offer professional service of the highest quality.

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