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  FX EXTRACT : Extraction Column Packing  
  For Liquid-Liquid Extraction  

Liquid-liquid extraction is one of the most important separation/purification techniques widely used in process industries. Extraction finds is most suitable applications when the material to be separated is non-volatile or heat sensitive and when it is not possible to separate by distillation or evaporation. The following sectors of industry have numerous applications of extraction :

Pharmaceuticals Effluent Treatment
Chemical Petrochemicals
Petroleum Food

Fenix Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been providing liquid-liquid extraction equipment and solutions using Fenix structured packings, random packings and sieve trays.

FenixTM procedure for extraction system design consist of three steps : (a) Study properties of the material to be separated, (b) Find suitable solvent/s for extraction from our knowledge bank and equilibrium data, (c) Proceed with design calculations and related drawings to complete the report.

Fenix Extraction Packing
  Applications :  
Purification of organic chemicals in general
Purification of vitamins
Recovery of Active Pharma Ingredients from reaction mixtures
Recovery/removal of phenol, dimethylformamide from waste
Recovery of olefins from paraffins
Removal of CO2, H2S from LPG
Separation between isomeric compounds
Separation of aromatics from aliphatics
Recovery of aroma- & flavour-chemicals from dilute solutions
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