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  FX INT : Column Internals  

A mass transfer tower, apart from packings or trays, requires other internals and accessories ………. Distributors, dispenser plates and feed pipes spread the liquid and vapor within the tower. Support plates and bed limiters are needed to physically support and retain packings inside the tower.Collector plates capture liquid for removal from the tower. Fenix manufacturers tower internals in a variety of metals for use in virtually all mass transfer operations.


Internals for Structured Packings :

Support Grids
Liquid Distributors :
   a. Channel Type
   b. Antenna Type
   c. With Pre-Distribution Type
Redistributors / Chimney Tray Redistributors
Liquid Collectors :
   a. Pan Type Distributor
   b. Flange Type
   c. Vane Type
Pan Type Distributors
Chimney Tray Distributors
Internals for Random Packings :
  Liquid Distributors
  Multi Beam Supports
  Bed Limiters
  Trough Distributors
  Feed Pipe Distributors
  Support Grids
Trough Distributors
Feed Pipe Distributors
Support Grids
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