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  FX OGI : Internals for Oil & Gas  

Fenix is engaged in supplying a wide range of internals for industries in Oil & Gas sector.


The scope of supply includes design of column internals for fixed and floating production systems, gas/liquid/solid separation equipment, gas conditioning and liquid processing equipment, computational fluid dynamics studies and heat exchanger equipment. Whilst every installation is unique, each system built benefits from our extensive experience.

  Fenix specializes in the below for the oil and gas industry :  
Separator Internals, etc.
Van Pack Module
Vane Inlet Device
Cyclone Deck
Chevron Type Mist Eliminator
Perforated Baffle (Double Skin)
Sand Jet Assembly
  Fenix also specializes in design and supply of internals for :  
Amine Contactors
TEG Contactors
H2S Strippers
Van Pack Module Sand Jet Assembly Perforated Baffle
TEG Contactors Vane Inlet Device
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