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  FX PAK : Column/Tower Packings  
Structured Packing

Fenix structured packing available in metal and wire gauze, provides excellent wetting characteristics due to new techniques on surface treatment. Available in all standard metals and exotic metals at 45° and 60° crimp angles and surface areas from 60-1000 m2/m3.: Fenix also makes low HETP structured packings (i) for laboratory distillation [FX PAK - EM,DM] and (ii) for reactive distillation with inlaid catalyst bed [FX PAK - KP]. (EM/DM Packing which gives very high number of theoretical stages per metre)

Sheet Metal Structural

Wire Mesh Packing
Grid Packing
Structured Grid Packing

Structured grid packing from Fenix is an excellent choice for applications that may have the problems of fouling, erosion, coking and/or deposition of solids. Grid packing, installed in a stack as a rigid module of successive layers can be removed, cleaned and replaced quite easily

  Ramdom Packing  

Fenix offers an array of conventional and customized random packings that enable best possible options for maximum output at low cost.

Fenix range includes :

Saddle Rings
Pall Rings
Fenix Rings
Cylindrical Rings

This range is available in CS and all types of Stainless Steel and any other metal as per process requirements.

Pall Rings Fenix Rings Saddle Rings
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