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  Fenix™ Motorised Shear Mixer  

Fenix FX SHEARMIX range of mixers are based on the concept of mixing head for intense shear of ingredients. This mixer has a separate chamber at the bottom through which the mixing ingredients are drawn in. The high speed rotating head pushes the ingredients through specially designed perforated head at a very high velocity. This helps the fluid to break into small particles which flows through the peripheral cavity to the top. The fluid is kept in suspension in the chamber by rotating blades and flows out through the top nozzles.

The entire liquid contact parts of the mixer are constructed in stainless steel 316. The mixer is provided with a mechanical seal for shaft sealing and a drive motor. The speed of the motor can be varied by a variable frequency drive.

  Technical Data - FX M03  
Material of construction  
Body, Shaft , Shear Head
SS 316
Motor Stand, Supports
Carbon Steel
Motor 5 HP 1500 RPM TEFC IP 55
Flow Range 5 m3/hr max
Operating Temperature 100 deg C max
Operating Pressure 5 bar g max
Shipping Dimensions 1800 mm X 700 mm
Gross Weight 90 kg

FenixTM high shear mixer works on the principle of drawing the materials through the specially designed mixing head and shearing this through another specially designed rotating assembly


Stage 1
The high-speed rotation of the impeller draws material through the suction of the mixing vessel.



Stage 2
Centrifugal force drives material towards the periphery of the impeller where it is subjected to a milling action in the clearance between the ends of the impeller blades and the stator head



Stage 3
This is followed by intense shearing of the material which is forced, at high velocity, out through the perforations in the stator head.



Stage 4
The material expelled from the head flows up at high speed towards the sides of the mixing vessel. The impellers at the top of the mixing head keeps the material in suspension

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